I love mail. 

You know, the kind that is just because. Even if for no other reason than to talk about how darn cute this puppy dog is. Seriously, isn’t he the sweetest? 🙂

puppy dogedit

I’d also love to answer any questions on how to make recipes healthier, making healthy food substitutions, how to eat healthy on the go and when traveling, etc. I love food and am passionate about making a healthy lifestyle fit into a busy schedule and work for everyone. It really is possible, you just need the knowledge and the proper tools!

Feel free to reach out with any questions on nutrition, training, suggestions and anything else you might like to discuss. (If it involves horses, you must reach out to me at once. 😛 I’m totally horse-crazy and desperately miss riding and showing. I’d love hear your horse stories!)

You can reach me by filling out the form below or, follow me on Instagram @ashnicolebw I heart Instagram!

beach mail

Love this! I can’t think of any better place to be receiving emails! One day…

I hope to do more detailed informational articles and videos in the future, so let me know if you have any special requests on anything health and fitness-related that you’d like know more about.

My hope and desire is to encourage more people to discover the beauty of a healthy lifestyle involving lifting heavy things and eating to nourish and fuel your body. It is totally energizing, empowering and truly the fountain of youth.

I can’t wait to hear from you!




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