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  • Cropped Mojito

    Healthier Mojito


    Who doesn’t love a refreshing summer drink with fewer calories? 😉 Using the stevia eliminates the extra sugar calories, so you’re basically only getting calories from the lime juice and rum while still getting all the flavor! It’s hard to get enough of these! YUM. …

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  • Margaritas 0635

    Healthier, Low-Sugar, Delicious Margaritas!


      LOVE these. They’re so fun, they taste waaay better than any other margaritas I’ve had, AND… you can feel just a leetle less guilty about drinking them since they’re not swimming in sugar! These are the real deal folks – fresh-squeezed lime juice, homemade simple …

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  • Mojito Photo 11 E1409360484142

    Healthier Blackberry Mojito

    I looove to drink. Haha… just kidding. Sort of. 😉 But can you think of anything more relaxing than a warm summer evening spent outside on the patio with friends and a refreshing summer cocktail? Me neither! I’m definitely hanging on to every last bit …

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